Village History


In 2013, the residents of Blennerhasset and Baggrow began to explore their local history, looking in particular at the Roman fort, William Lawson’s 19th century farm co-operative venture, and the history of the houses in the two villages.
The project was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s All Our Stories scheme.

You can read more about the Roman fort and the farm co-operative on separate pages. You can add information about ‘your house’ in the village on that page. Below are links to some resources that can help with further research.

10 years of gentleman farming

This book was co-written by William Lawson after the demise of the co-operative farming experiment in Blennerhasset. A copy is available to download as a pdf or to your kindle at…

Here are some other resources to help you research local history:

Four Steps

House Histories Workshop