Congregational Church, The Old Manse & East End Cottages

Below you will find the description of these properties from 100 years ago. To create a snapshot of the village in 2013, please submit information about your property's current occupiers using the form at the bottom of the page.


286 – Blennerhasset. The Old Manse. Occupier James Brown. Owner Trustees of the Congregational Church. Small front garden. Parlour, kitchen, bk kitchen with boiler. 3 bedrooms, 2 stall stable lofted. 2 gardens. Stone built slated fair. Copyhold.

362 – Blennerhasset. East End Cottages. Occupier Agnes Rogan. Owner Joseph Rickerby. Parlour, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, pantry. Use of washhouse & 2 ECs to 4 tenants. No back door.  Stone built slated poor. Let @ 3/- per week clear. Freehold.

363 – Blennerhasset. East End Cottages. Occupier Sarah McGlenn. Owner Joseph Rickerby. Kitchen, 1 bedroom, no back door, use of common washhouse & 2 ECs to 4 tenants. Stone built slated poor. (A very small cottage in bad condition). Stone built slated poor.Let @ 1/8 per week clear.

377 – Congregational Church. Rev. Wm Rees. Assembly Hall. Plastered walls & ceiling. Plain windows. Lamplighted, coke stove heated, wood floor, moveable seats. Pulpit. Distempered walls. Store & porch. (piano). Stone built slated fair. Freehold.


Congregational Church (377) now converted to residential use post 1913.



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