House Histories Workshop – Thursday 14th March – Blennerhasset Village Hall

Come along to find out how to research the history of your house and who lived there.

There will be short presentation on the history of Blennerhasset followed by an informal session to provide help and advice for people wanting to research their house history. By drawing everyone’s stories together, we will be able to create a picture of how the village and surrounding area has developed over time.

This project is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund under its All Our Stories grant scheme. The Aspatria Rural Partnership was one of the first groups in the UK to receive a grant for the ‘Blennerhasset: From Fort to Farms’ project. The project is centred around Blennerhasset, but the same principles apply to any of the settlements in the area and all are welcome to take part.

The project includes a survey of the remains of the Roman fort that lies just outside Blennerhasset village. Another of the aims of the project is to gather information and stories from local people about their houses and their ancestors. If you have a tale to tell – or you know someone who does – then please get in touch.