All Our Stories

Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘All Our Stories’ programme, we have been researching our village history and local stories.

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Blennerhassett surname

For some years I have researched history of the Blennerhassett family (usually spelled with two “t”) whose origins lie within the lovely village of Blennerhasset (in modern times spelled with one “t”). The results of research to date may be seen at and your further contributions are requested, they may be sent via that […]

Glimpses of Village & Family Life by Margaret Bremner

GLIMPSES of VILLAGE & FAMILY LIFE in 20th Century BLENNERHASSET These memories have been related to me by one present inhabitant and one former inhabitant of the village. THE MAN : was born here as were his father and his grandparents who lived in Beech Tree Yard  — going back to the late 19th century — […]

Blennerhasset School 1827 – Present

Where to find the history of the School By Geoffrey Bremner Most of what we can find out about the history of the School is owned by the School itself. There are four different kinds of record. 1. The Admissions Registers going back to the earliest days. 2. The Minutes (records) of the meetings of […]

Blennerhasset Mill

Nearly every manor had its own corn mill and to the north-east of Blennerhasset, by the River Ellen one remains to this day. Dating from the 17th century (exact date unknown) this three storey, red sandstone building with kiln and mill house had a vertical 12 foot diameter low breast shot water wheel*. Known as […]

Your property 100 years ago!

Look for your property 100 years ago! We are currently uploading information about each house in Blennerhasset and Baggrow from 100 years ago. This is based on Lloyd George’s Survey of Land Values, which became known as the Domesday Book of 1910. It includes the name of the owner and occupier of every property in […]