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We are currently uploading information about each house in Blennerhasset and Baggrow from 100 years ago. This is based on Lloyd George’s Survey of Land Values, which became known as the Domesday Book of 1910. It includes the name of the owner and occupier of every property in Blennerhasset and Baggrow.

We would like to update that information 100 years on with a photograph of each house and current occupier, to create our own on-line Domesday Book. It will give a snapshot that people may be interested in now and after another 100 years! Take a look under the “Your House” tab, all properties are listed in groups and when you click through you will see a snapshot of the original map from 100 years ago. Each property will have a reference number which is referenced in the text, read there the details held about your house from around the time of the 1910 survey. Who lived there, the owner, the condition, what rooms it had and the amount of rent paid. Fascinating stuff!

Why not become involved and update this information with details of your property in 2013? There is space at the bottom of each article for you to enter details and an image of the house and yourself if you wish! You are welcome to join in and make the history of Blennerhasset an interesting and permanent record for future generations.