We need your ideas for the future of Blennerhasset Playing Field!

Invitation to Meeting on Wednesday 6th September at 6.30pm

Blennerhasset School

You are warmly invited to a meeting to discuss the future of Blennerhasset and Baggrow Playing Field. All are welcome.

The three things we want to discuss and clarify are:

  • Current position and responsibilities

Who owns it? Who uses it?

Who cuts the grass? Who pays?

Who holds public liability insurance?

Who organises and pays for play area inspections?

  • Ideas for future improvement and management

What more use could be made of it?

Could more planting or landscape be done to improve the area for people and wildlife?

  • The constitution for the management group

There is an existing constitution (to be circulated at the meeting) but it needs to be amended.

Please don’t be put off coming if you want to contribute your ideas but don’t want to join the group!


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